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Research Paper "Ben & Jerry's Successful"

The topic of this paper is Ben & Jerry’s company. It argues about Ben & Jerry Company’s successful. There are three reasons for this argument. First, Ben & Jerry is very helpful with small business and finding jobs. Second, they innovate new way in treating with the employees for having successful company. Finally, they believe that the unique products are the main reason to attract customers.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream
This topic of this paper is Ben and Jerry’s company. It argues that how Ben & Jerry’s company is successful in United States. First, Ben & Jerry’s company helps people and small business to grow in. Next, the communication network in the company has special way with their employees. Third, the products are multifarious in taste and contents.
People do many things to make themselves happy. Some people see the happiness in money and some people see the happiness in food. With years people innovate many kinds of food. Some food is eaten for winter and other food is eaten in summer. One of the famous summer foods is ice cream because it is cold. Most of us like to eat ice cream especially when the weather becomes hot. Because the importance of ice cream, many companies make their business in ice creams. One of the most popular companies is Ben and Jerry’s. They produce many kinds of ice cream and beside that they have many stores inside and outside United States. Successful is a hope for all people. When someone calls successful person, this means positive point for him. Ben and Jerry’s is successful company because they help small business and people, they treat their employees well and they produce organic ice cream with appropriate price.
Ben & Jerry’s is famous ice cream company in the United States. Ben & Jerry are two friends who met in gym class school in Merrick, New York in 1963 (Ben & Jerry’s site, n.d.). In 1978, they opened an ice cream shop and it was homemade in a restored gas station in downtown Burlington, Vermont. Vermont is the start point for them with the ice cream. Then, they build their factory there which people can go for tour. This tour costs 3 dollars and people can walk around, see graveyard and the tombstone that draw many flavors of the ice cream and have free ice cream in the end (2007). They have different flavors to fit with people’s taste. They have stores for Ben & Jerry ice cream and also they supply for markets around the world. They have chocolate, vanilla, caramel, coffee, strawberry and banana. Also, they make it in different colorful shape. Ben & Jerry Company becomes more famous day over day and they get more consumers and success by their strategy plan development. In fact, Ben & Jerry’s company has a unique way that is why they are so famous these days.
First, Ben & Jerry’s company use their money to grow the small business up and offer jobs for people. They help small business by buying the milk and the eggs from the small farms. Many companies prefer to deal with big companies to supply them the materials they need. They think by dealing with big companies, the quality of the elements will be better. Ben & Jerry is good example for helping the small business to stand up. Stever, Ben & Jerry's marketing director, as cited in “Ben & Jerry Sows”, 2005, (para.8) says "Ben & Jerry's is a long-time supporter of small-scale family farms. We're especially proud of our 20-year relationship with the 500 family farmers of the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery in Vermont." Also, they help people to get jobs around the world. Job is important for any one because it is insurance for good life. Ben & Jerry’s company give them what they need they have many stores in many countries. These stores need to workers and they offer these jobs to hundreds of people. According to Bin & Jerry site, “In 2001 Ben & Jerry’s employed 756 staff members.” That is why Ben & Jerry have a good reputation. Many people should be thankful for them in order to encourage them to keep on doing this.

Second, Ben & Jerry’s company has special ways for treating with their employees. The salary of Ben & Jerry’s employees increases by the time. When any employee gets a good salary, he will feel happy and he will be eager to work. Who works with this company is lucky because the headers used to take care of the workers. They believe that their success come from their workers. Because of this, the company likes to share the improvement by giving the employees higher salaries by using profit-plan sharing. According to BJICA article, “The Company contributes one percent of eligible employees' gross annual salary and may match the contribution up to an additional three percent of the employee's gross annual salary” (Para. 13) Also, they give benefits and health insurance for the worker. Actually, they offer for their employees what is other corporations miss. Many people who seek a job prefer to have health insurance than higher salary. What Ben and Jerry do are both of them, give health insurance plus increase the salary. So, this company used such an amazing strategy to make the employees responsible and good worker.
Third, Ben and Jerry’s company use effective way to attract the customers by the shape of box and the taste of the ice cream. Using colorful pictures and lovely names is good way to make people interested for try it. For example, they have ice creams name Chunky Monkey, Chubby Hubby and Black & Tan. Also, they have many flavors to fit with all people taste. According to Ben and Jerry site, these are the best five flavors, which are Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Chip Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkey and half baked ice cream. Here is Kris describes his opinion about Chunky Monkey’s name, “The best I can guess is chunky describes the added novelty items (walnuts and chocolate chunks) and monkeys are well known for eating bananas.” (Para. 3) Furthermore, the taste plays the main effect of the ice cream success. They have a punch of flavors that make people running to get their ice cream. There are flavors for who loves coffee, for whom like caramel, chocolate, vanilla and fruits. So, Ben and Jerry’s company offers what consumer wants which good taste and variety flavors.
Opponents for Ben and Jerry ice cream price claims that the price is expensive for ice cream. However, this is incomplete information because Ben and Jerry’s company produce an organic ice cream with good price for who cares to eat organic food. They are very careful about filling the ice cream by organic fruit. For whom loves strawberry, there is kind of ice cream that mixes the strawberry with other components to have Ben & Jerry’s flavor. In Ben and jerry’s site “Ben & Jerry World Flavor” says, “The key is in the Certified Organic ingredients - they're cultivated in environmentally sustainable ways, in cooperation with nature, then combined divinely in euphoric flavors for a taste that's certifiably Ben & Jerry’s” (Para.1). Also, because Ben and Jerry make better components ice cream it is normal to become more expensive than the low quality. What Ben and Jerry does that they do 473 ml ice cream for approximately 5 dollars with organic components. The average of people who eat ice cream is once a week so, paying 5 dollars is not that big difference for who desire eating ice cream. Finally, Ben & jerry is good ice cream for who seeks for organic and natural.
Consequently, Ben & Jerry accomplished much prosperity since starting until now. They know how to mange the workers, how to help small business and people and how to win these huge numbers of admire. It is very famous company whose headers are Ben and Jerry. Most people talk about their distributions and their ways in innovating flavors. Also the strategy that they use it in the company, how to make people love their work. They are like a family; they support their employees to make them create. Finally, we can guarantee if Ben and Jerry still deal with the worker like this, they will be the best company in the world.

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Summary Response

Don’t Be Ruinable; Stop Corruption

In Zussman’s article, “Fighting Corruption is a Global Concern,” he explains how this conference determines to stop the corruption because it has bad effects for people and their money. First, Zussman discusses anti-corruption conference in Beijing that helps Canadian think about corruption in the world. Next, he talks about international report making corruption issues visible to public. Also, he says that many countries and global organizations are working together to abolish corruption in society, business and government. Moreover, he states to how much the bribery and money laundries happens each year and how much cost to rescue the most billion poor people. Furthermore, he claims that all nations worry about the bribery effects in the society. Continuously, he maintains that the conference leaded to four steps and it should implement to stop the corruption. He says that in Canada, corruption become more in this last decade; however, Canada is trying to stop the corruption by using those steps.
This life has two parts; the white part and the black part. All people run behind the white part even if there is black part inside them. If we heard (good), we will feel comfortable and if we heard (bad), we will feel anxiety. We scared to be inside world that is full of corruptions and other big problems. So, corruption should be stopped because it interferes economic development people lose money and people will think money is everything.
First, corruption problem should solve because it interferes economic development. The reputation of the country will be known as a negative label. This leads the international business be cautious to deal with country which is popular by corruption. Then, the consequence of development in every field will be limited. Also, the economic development affects the education standards in the country. As much as the corruption prevalent, the education will be lower. If the money is going in the right way, the development will involve the education in order to have better economic in future by the new generation. As a result, corruption makes the country unlikely and retral.
Second, one of corruption results that many people will lose money. The money will transfer illegally from the right people false people. The authority will be with people who don’t deserve this position. For instance, in some countries many people lost their money in stock market due to manipulation. Furthermore, citizens will try to immigrate to another country that has less corruption history. If the law couldn’t do anything toward this that means they are insecure. For example, Iraq suffers from weak economic, one of the reasons is corruption because of this many Iraqi people want to immigrate to another place to have better jobs and better life. Therefore, the solution of corruption is trying to cut it to give all people fair life.
Third, by corruption people will think money is the most important thing in this life. To be considered that children will believe that money is significant. They will grow and the cupidity will grow inside them. In fact, if the government wants to destroy the corruption, they should start to protect children and make sure that their mind isn’t soiled, because one day they will be responsible about this country. Moreover, the percentage of killing will be raised. If the leaders used to do corruption to get money, many people will try to have money even by having killing jobs. Not only make killing as a job but also some might kill innocent people to steal their wallets. If corruption and killing spread in a specific area, this will handle business people leave to safer place. Thus, there should be harsh punishments for corruption.
Consequently, corruption has bad results for society and people because it overthrows the economy, people couldn’t gain profits and money will be the target. Corruption works to make the life unbearable. People will try to take other people money in harmful ways. The right will be lost between tricky people and the country will be destroyed slowly. There is no honest person wants corruption and there is no fair person accedes to gain money from other people money. So, corruption should be banned to protect people rights and to have money by legal ways.

To Ms. Wright :-) "God helps you"

Argument Essay

Because it Kills You

There are many things in this world make me laugh. Despite the technology and how we improve at this century, it still some people have different thinking, which is smoking is nice habit. This is what many people say. Also, many smokers if they have been asked, they would say we think we are cool by smoking. Even if smoking make people feel better, it is killer. So, smoking should be illegal, because it is harmful for children, the cigarette contents damage the health and it is hurtful for society.
First, smoking front of children has bad effect for them. It makes them think that smoking is permissible. If people smoke, the young will be more liable to try it because they think smoking is authorized. American Cancer Society (2003), says “Parents who smoke also make it easy for their kids to smoke by leaving cigarettes around the house,” (para.1) This is right to protect the children to not abuse it behind their parents. Also, maybe they will think that is label for an adult. To show they are old enough, they might start smoking. That is pathetic situation, because they smoke with unawareness. There is no parents want to be the reason of their children’s smoking so, adults should vote to prohibit smoking.
Second, cigarette consists of noisome contents which destroy the health. It causes diseases for the smoker. In the beginning, the person will feel good but with years and being older, he will incur devastator illness. Cancer, heart disease and emphysema are the most popular diseases that person gains by smoking. Furthermore, smoking makes the person addicted. The reason of this that cigarette contains of chemicals. According to Optum (2003), cigarette has 4000 chemicals such as, DDT, Acetone and Nicotine. All of these chemicals are destructive for person’s health. Smoking should named by the slowly death because this is the final consequence. Finally, cigarette is a guaranteed way to destroy the health and by maintaining to make it illegal, many people will be saved.
Third, smokers affect in their society in a hateful way. They make the street dirty by the cigarettes when its widespread around the street. Even though there is special kind of trash for cigarette, some smokers prefer to throw it in the floor. They should think about the place where they stay and how much others care to be in a clean place. In addition, some times smokers hurt people by smoking front of them that because the smoke’s smell sticks on them. According to Hirsch (2007), “The smell of stale smoke tends to linger — not just on people's clothing, but on their hair, furniture, and cars.” (para.10) Many people suffer from this problem. Some people have allergy from smoke smell. So, the solution for this problem is making smoking not allowed.
Opponents of making smoking illegal claim that smoking should be allowed because it is personal decision. However, this is untrue because it is not good for financial personal. In person’s life there is family or people who is responsible for them. The price of cigarette box is cost 3.30-4.30 dollars. If we assume the smokers buy cigarette box every 3 days, that means, the person need around 500 hundred dollars every year for cigarettes. Instead of buying boxes for burning the health, it is better to gather this money and buy something he need or his family wants. Also, it will cost him much money for medicine and medicate from disease. Maybe this cost him more than what he has. For example, the cancer’s medicine usually cost more than the regular drug. So, the person can save much money by stopping smoking.
In conclusion, because smoking considers in many ways in our life, it should be banned to save people and the environment. Smoking has bad consequence for children and adults should keep them away in order to have a healthy generation. Moreover, most of non-smokers tend to stay far from smokers to protect their appearance and their health. Furthermore, our health is our life and we wouldn’t to destroy our selves by the most dangerous diseases. If the food is essential, also our breathing is obligated. If we cannot live without breathing, why do some people make their smells dirty? So, people should have more knowledge about smoking effects.

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The Second Assignment


I will talk about Gay marrigae

The first link consists of pictures encouraging gay marrige.These pictures contain of T-shirts, sentences and draws in many colors you can buy or gift it for someone you love.The second link shows us funny cartoons about gay with small conversations (comments). That means this site is against marriage gay.

Gay marriage is detrimental thing for the society. Every society needs a new generation to develop and improve the life in a good way.what about if the number of born decreased!. As a result, this society will disappear or end.also, God creates male and female to complete each other and finds what the other missed. So,there is nothing better than natural life.

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The assignment Chapter 1 (Marriage, Family and the Home)

i read about alternative to marriage

"living together" "living alone"

The site talks about the current statistics in living together, living alone and other popular lifestyle. This statistics talked about living together whether with same-sex or different-sex by given the percentage starting with females from 15 to 44 years old.In addition, the end of this paragraph has been said "the number of unmarried couples living together has increased tenfold between 1960 and 2000".
The second common lifestyle is living alone. The number of people who live alone more than the number of households that consist of husband, wife and children.In the end,as i noticed at first, there are many different common lifestyle in U.S but I chose what i have background about.

My Opinion:
I disagree with some kinds of alternative lifestyle.Let's talk about living alone.If anyone won't die alone he should has partner sharing and living with him.Also, the society always needs new generation to work and develop it and by staying alone that's wouldn't happen!!!
I agree with communal living because people can share the same ideals and make improvement.Also, feels the other that they are family by cooking and doing the housework.As a result, communal living helps to find who has the similar skills to share and be together.